Friday, 31 December 2010

Sons Of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy is my favourite show on television. Set in the fictional town of Charming, California it revolves around an outlaw motorcycle gang and their various criminal operations. The lead protagonist Jax, played by the ridiculously beautiful brit actor Charlie Hunnam struggles with his role as a new father and his ties to the club. The writing and acting is superb in this show, particularly Katey Sagal as Jax's mother and matriarch of the club, just wow.The characters are complex and storylines constantly evolving. Kurt Sutter has done an amazing job writing and producing it. He's made you care and root for essentially a bunch of flawed, dysfunctional anti heroes who will kill to protect what's theirs. Yet they have all those juicy, conflicted grey areas that humanises them. The show is destined for greatness. I can't wait for season 4.

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